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Cold weather provision

During particularly cold (when temperatures are O°C or below for three consecutive nights) or severe weather that could increase the risk of harm to people sleeping rough, the Home-Link councils will provide accommodation to rough sleepers.

Provision is only for known rough sleepers who have been discovered to be or would otherwise be sleeping out if provision was not available. These arrangements are to ensure there is a humanitarian response to prevent rough sleepers dying from the cold while there is severe weather.

Please contact your local council for more details and help to access accommodation.


Welcome to Home-Link

Welcome to Home-Link, the choice based lettings (CBL) scheme for council and housing association properties across the Cambridgeshire and West Suffolk area.The scheme covers all the available council and housing association properties, including housing for older people. You can also find information about all the housing options available in the area.

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Warburton House in Cambridge
If you are 55 or over and want to live in Cambridge, there are brand new properties available at Warburton House.
They are being advertised during December 2016.
Published: Thursday 8 December 2016

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