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Exchange Locata


The Home-Link Mutual Exchange scheme has now been updated, improved and re-branded. The scheme is now called Exchange Locata and is available NOW.

If you were already registered with the Home-Link MX scheme then you will need to re-confirm your personal details to re-activate your property on the new Exchange Locata system. To start this process simply login as usual and you will be redirected to the new Exchange Locata website to confirm your personal details. Simply follow the on-screen instructions.

Mutual exchange is only available to public sector tenants. You are a public sector tenant if your landlord is a council or a housing association.

You can use the Exchange Locata scheme to find another home you would like to exchange your own home for one in the Cambridgeshire sub-region or elsewhere in the country. For an exchange to take place both tenants and landlords all have to agree to the exchange.

The Exchange Locata scheme is now part of the new National Home Swap Direct (NHSD)scheme. This means that customers now have access to available properties both locally and nationally. The NHSD was set up by the Government to give tenants access to a wider range of properties than ever before, and the chance to move anywhere in the country. The NHSD scheme could assist customers to take up new job opportunities or simply move closer to their family across a much wider area.

If you register for mutual exchange on this site it means your home will be advertised for other tenants to see.

When you register with Exchange Locata you can say what sort of property you are looking for and then search for possible matches at any time. You can for search for a home now by clicking here.

If you do find someone you'd like to exchange with let the tenant of that poperty know you are interested simply by clicking a single button. Once you have viewed each others property and are both happy to proceed, you need to ask both landlords for permission to exchange.

Please contact your landlord if you would like more information on Mutual Exchange.

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