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FAQs regarding re-registration


Frequently Asked Questions regarding Re-registration


What is happening and why?

We are changing our Home-Link IT supplier from April 2019 and, to ensure all the data we hold for existing Home-Link members is up-to-date and accurate, we will be asking you to re-register between 1st February and 28th February 2019.  If you do not re-register during this time you will not be able to bid for properties when the new system goes live from April 2019.

You do not need to take any action yet. We will contact you shortly by email or letter with further details.

What to do if you are an existing Home-Link Member

To ensure that you are still able to bid for properties after 1st April 2019 you will need to re-register between 1st February and 28th February 2019 by visiting our website and following the link for re-registration.

We must emphasize that this is your responsibility to complete and by doing this you will continue to be registered for Social Housing.  We will be working hard in the background to check and assess all the applications as they come through. Please ensure you enter your existing Home-Link reference number when re-registering.

When we receive your new application, we will re-assess your priority. If your housing circumstances remain the same as your most recent application with us, we will honour your previous priority and assessment date. Please note that this will only be the case if you re-register during February 2019.


Will I need to re-submit proof of identification and other supporting documents?

You will not need to provide proofs again unless your details have changed.  For example, if you have changed address since your last application with us, you will need to provide proof of the new address.   If there are changes since your last application, the Local Authority you are applying to will contact you if any supporting documents are required.

How will I know that you have received my on-line application?

Once you have submitted your on-line form, you will know that it has been received by us as you will see a message, thanking you for your application and displaying your new reference number.

When your new reference number appears on the screen after submitting your application, please make a note of this.  You will also have the option to print a copy of your application at that stage.

You may not hear anything further immediately, but you will receive a confirmation letter or email from the Local Authority you have applied to in due course.


Why am I being asked to re-register?

We are changing the IT supplier for our Home-Link System and to ensure all the data we hold for you is up-to-date and accurate, we will be asking you to re-register between 1st February and 28th February 2019. 

The idea behind changing the IT supplier is to make the new application process faster and simpler to complete.

The last time we changed IT supplier we arranged for data to be transferred from one system to another. However, this did not prove to be effective as there were considerable problems with the transfer of information, which caused delays. This meant Home-Link members were unable to bid on properties for a period of approximately six weeks.  

Asking people to re-register is also more secure than transferring data from one supplier’s system to another.


Will I still be able to bid for properties on Home-Link?

Between now and 1 April, provided you are registered on the existing Home-Link system, you will be able to bid on properties. However, unless you re-register during February, you will no longer be able to bid for properties after the 1 April. Re-registering in February will ensure your application is verified in time and that you will be able to continue bidding on properties after 1 April without any delay.


What to do if you are not already registered for Home-Link

Up until the end of February 2019 you can complete an application on our current website, using the 'Register' button on the Home Page, shown below.

However, please note that in order to be able to bid for properties from the beginning of April 2019 you will also need to complete an application on our new system, using the link for 're-registration'. Due to the shortage of available social housing in the area, it is unlikely that you will be offered a property between now and the beginning of April.  Therefore, you may wish to consider waiting and just completing one application using the link to our new form, available from February 2019.


Who to contact for help if you have more questions

You can contact your Local Authority/Register Holder if you require further assistance. Contact details are shown below:


 Local Authority

 Register Holder (where applicable)

 Cambridge City Council

 Mandela House

 4 Regent Street


 CB2 1BY



 Telephone: 01223 457918



 East Cambridgeshire District Council

 The Grange

 Nutholt Lane



 CB7 4PL



 Telephone: 01353 665555


 Sanctuary Housing

 Avro House

 49 Lancaster Way Business Park



 CB6 3NW



 Telephone: 0800 131 3348 (from a landline)

 Telephone: 0300 123 3511 (from a mobile)


 Fenland District Council

 Fenland Hall

 County Road


 PE15 8QN



 Telephone: 01354 654321


 Clarion Housing

 Reed House

 Peachman Way,

 Broadland Business Park


 NR7 0WF



 Telephone: 0300 500 8000  (from a landline)

 Telephone: 0300 333 6557 (from a mobile)



 Forest Heath District Council

 Housing Options Team

 College Heath Road


 Bury St Edmunds

 IP28 7EY



 Telephone: 01638 719345



 Working as the West Suffolk Partnership


 Huntingdonshire District Council


 Pathfinder House

 St Mary's Street



 PE29 3TN



 Telephone: 01480 388388




 South Cambridgeshire District Council

 South Cambridgeshire Hall

 Cambourne Business Park



 CB23 6EA



 Telephone: 03450 450 051



 St Edmundsbury Borough Council

 West Suffolk House

 Western Way

 Bury St Edmunds


 IP33 3YU


 Email: Telephone:
 01284 757178


 Working as the West Suffolk Partnership