Advertising properties


Properties are advertised each week. Click View Homes, enter the area of the property you are searching for, enter a mile range and press Search. If you just press Search without selecting a property type or area, all available properties will be displayed.


The adverts tell you the landlord, location, size, rent and other features of the property to help you decide which properties are right for you.


Where available a photograph of the property, or a similar property, is provided and you can access information about the local area and facilities.


The advert also tells you if there are any special requirements that you must meet, such as age requirements and a connection to a village. If you do not meet the requirements stated you may still be able to apply for the property providing it is suitable for your family size.

Expressing your interest in a property (bidding)


You can only bid for a property that is suitable for your family size.


You can express your interest or bid, as it is also known, Online through our website.


Properties available to rent are advertised from midnight on a Thursday to midnight the following Wednesday every week (6 days).


You will be able to bid for a maximum of 3 properties during the time they are advertised.

Properties currently available


To see all the properties currently available, click on View Homes, or use the Search for Property panel. You will have to log in to see the properties you are eligible for and make bids.

Helping you to use the service


If you, or someone you know, would like help to use our service, please contact the organisation you are registered with. You can find their details on the contact us page.