Information about Annual Reviews

In the month before you are due a review, you will see a message when you log in to your Home-Link account, asking you to select either:

- Yes, my circumstances have changed
- No, my circumstances have not changed 

‘Yes, my circumstances have changed’ should be selected if any of the following have taken place since you originally applied to join the Housing Register, and a new online form will need to be completed, detailing any such changes:

a) A change of address

b) People joining or leaving the household

c) A relationship breakdown

d) A significant change to the medical circumstances of anyone included on the application

e) A significant change of capital (savings)

Please note that you will be unable to bid or considered for properties whilst your review application is being assessed.

‘No, my circumstances have not changed’ should be selected to confirm that you wish to stay on the register and there are no significant changes to your application.
Examples of the type of changes where you can also select this option are:

a) Pregnancy/birth of a child

b) Death of a joint applicant or household member

c)  Change of employer, working hours or income

d)  A small change in capital (savings)

e)  If your email address or telephone number has changed (as this can be edited by you on your ‘account’ page when you are logged in to Home-Link)

However, for examples a) and b) in this category you must contact the Council you are registered with, who will advise what documentation is required to enable your records to be up-dated.